Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Quilter, Vancouver, Washington

On March 17th, I was at The Quilter in Vancouver, Washington teaching another Art of Machine Quilting class.  For as many times as I've taught this class in this area, I keep thinking that we'll run out of students, but they keep coming!!!

One of the reasons why I like teaching at The Quilter is because Bonnie Craig, the owner, has the full line of Hemingworth threads.  I love this thread for a number of reasons - it's a 40 wt. polyester, has over 500 colors in the line (and I want every one of them!), the plastic cover that fits over the top of the thread assures the thread will come off the cone correctly - regardless of whether the cone is placed horizontally or vertically.  It's always such a nice bonus when teaching a machine quilting class to be in a place that offers threads for sale if students want to try something different.  Bonnie is also kind enough to order large quantities of the machine embroidery hoop that I use when thread painting. 

I'll be back at The Quilter teaching another machine quilting class on Saturday, July 21 if you're in the area. 

Thanks again, Bonnie!

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