Friday, June 29, 2012

Country Crossroads Quilt Guild, Modesto, California

May 6-9, 2012

Sunday is a travel day as I drive back to the Sacramento Airport from Chico and am met by Janet Borst, who then drives me to Modesto, California.  Ruth McCormack is my host for the next three days.  She lives in a lovely home on a cul-de-sac with a park across the street.  She has 65 rose bushes in her back yard, along with two cherry trees, a grapefruit, kumquat, orange, persimmon, lime, and a few pear trees.  Ruth's yard is visited occasionally by a guinea fowl, affectionately called Fred, who also likes the looks of her back yard!

On Monday, I'm teaching a Thread Painting class to 22 members of the Country Crossroads Quilt Guild located in Modesto, California.  Our class is being held in a larg quilt shop in Turlock called Cloth & Quilt.  The quilt shop carries a lot of thread, which is so convenient for class attendees who'd like to try different types of thread.  Ruth and I have a quiet meal back at her home afterwards.


Tuesday is a busy day with an Art of Machine Quilting class during the day.  For dinner, several gals and I went to Olive Garden and had an enjoyable time getting to know one another better.  Then we went to the church where guild meetings are held and I talked about my quilting journey.  Since I've had class with several of the gals for the past two days, it was a fun evening. 

There were some amazing quilts displayed during Show and Tell:

There was even a Nautilus quilt shown - great job!!!

This is a quilt that was on the back wall of the church where the guild meeting was held - spectacular!!!

Wednesday morning Sue drove me back to the Sacramento airport and the flight back home.  Thank you so much to the Country Crossroads Quilt Guild for inviting me to their great state and the warm reception I received from them.  I really appreciate it!

Annie's Star Quilt Guild, Chico, California

May 3-6, 2012

Annie's Star Quilt Guild, located in sunny Chico, California has asked me to give a lecture to their guild and teach a thread painting class.  It was pouring rain when I left Portland, and the funny thing was that it was also pouring in Sacramento when I landed and was standing on the tarmac waiting for my luggage.  The weather soon improved as I drove north to Chico.  Before the guild meeting, I was joined by eight guild members at a Chinese restaurant called Tandorni.  I can't remember the last time I've had such wonderful Chinese food!

The guild members were very enthusiastic and attentive as I recounted my quilting journey.  Afterwards, during show-and-tell, a guild member named Grace showed her version of my Honu Orchid quilt.  It was absolutely beautiful and wonderfully executed and I'm so thankful to Grace for bringing it so I could see it.  Thank you, Grace!

Congrats on a wonderful Honu Orchid, Grace!!

I saw some other amazing works during Show and Tell:

While in Chico, I'm staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast called The Grateful Bed.  This gracious Victorian home was originally built in 1905 and lovingly restored in 1998 by Rick and Carol Turner.  They furnished the home with antiques, fine linens, and timeless treasures.  My suite, called Bed Thyme, features a claw-footed tub and a pull-chain commode in the private bathroom.  Quite a step back in time!  Breakfast starts with a baked apple stuffed with walnuts and cranberries and proceeds to luscious blueberry pancakes with hot maple syrup and apple-smoked bacon.  What a way to start the day!!

A flower bed in the back yard of The Grateful Bed.....LOL!!!

The Thread Painting class is being held at Cathy's Sew and Vac.  This store sells Bernina, Brother, Janome, Juki, and even Singer Featherweight sewing machines, along with vacuum cleaners.  They also have a large selection of thread and a quilt store in one corner called Honey Run.  This shop features over 5,000 bolts of fabric that include a large selection of Bali, Civil War reproductions, Kaffe, voile, silk blends, and wool.

Since this is a two-day Thread Painting class, I spend time in the morning discussing thread and machine needles.  We then get started on quilting the background behind the heron, and the moon.  Class is over the first day before we know it!

Sue and Karen take me to dinner at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, a local microbrewery that is packed with people - for good reason.  Not only is the beer excellent (mine offered subtle hints of banana and cloves) by my Thai Shrimp Curry was outstanding!

The next day, students continue working on their Great Blue Herons and it seems class is over too quickly.  I say a sad farewell to Annie's Star Quilt Guild - but not before trying to talk Grace into accompanying me to Modesto!!

Sunday is a travel day as I drive back to the Sacramento Airport and am met by Janet Borst, who then drives me to Modesto.  Then it's on to my next quilting adventure......

A Common Thread, Lake Oswego, Oregon

April 28-29, 2012

For the next two days, I am teaching a Thread Duets class to students at a very nice quilt shop called A Common Thread, located just off I5, south of Portland, Oregon.  In my Thread Duets class, we discuss proportion, color relationships, the importance of value, and the power of the quilted line. I also ask students to consider both sides of their quilt.  Students are then turned loose to create their own art quilt.  This is just a few of the amazing pieces created:

It is so rewarding and one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching so much, to watch students struggle at first to create their own fiber art piece.  For many attendees, it is the first time they have attempted to create something completely unique.  Some participants struggle for a long time to find their own voice, but when they do, magic happens!

It was a creative, inspiring day and I hope participants will send me pictures of their fiber art pieces when they're done so I can post them.  Thank you, attendees, for making the two-day class so special!!!

A Common Thread, Lake Oswego, Oregon

April 27-29, 2012

On April 27th, I had the opportunity to teach a Currents class at A Common Thread in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  This is one of my favorite patterns and I love seeing how students interpret it.  I often visit A Common Thread and it is where I take my machines for their annual servicing, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity to teach here.

Half of the class....

.... and the rest of the class.

 A Common Thread began in 1989 and after a few moves, they have expanded into over 5,000 square feet including 3,000 bolts of fabric, a variety of thread lines, a nice classroom with a full calendar of classes. They also sell Bernina and Janome sewing machines and sergers, as well as Handi Quilter quilting machines, and Miele vacuum cleaners. Their service department repairs all brands of sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. I'm excited to have a full class of participants who want to create their own interpretation of Currents.

Another beautiful interpretation!

 I love this version!!!

It was a great day and some beautiful Currents were started.  I'm hoping to receive pictures of the completed quilts, and if I do, I'll post them. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Postcard Donation, Quilter's Affair

I recently made this postcard which will be auctioned off, along with a lot of other postcards, during Quilter's Affair in Sisters, Oregon during the week of July 9-14.   Proceeds are donated to Wendy's Wish, a support organization for people impacted by cancer. 

While in Fairbanks, I took lots of pictures of the forests of birch trees, including a number of shots where I was looking up to the sky.  I liked the perspective, but then had to imagine leaves on the trees!  I started with a medium blue fabric and thread painted the entire piece.  I'm looking forward to seeing how High Desert Museum will frame it!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stitchin' Post, Sisters, Oregon

On Wednesday, April 4rd I taught The Art of Machine Quilting class to attendees at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon.  It is always such a treat to come to Sisters during this time of year - one minute the sun is brightly shining, and the next minute it's snowing! 

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I taught a Waterdance class.  It was terrific being able to work with the gals for three full days on this pattern.  Everyone finished their quilt top in class - and one gal managed to complete two!


One gal brought the Labyrinth she had started in an earlier class with me - Great Job, Mike!!!

I'm looking forward to returning to Sisters in July and participating in Quilter's Affair and the Outdoor Quilt Show on July 14th. 

Mid Valley Quilt Guild, Salem, Oregon

On March 28th, I had the opportunity to speak to the Mid Valley Quilt Guild located in Salem, Oregon.  There were about 135 attendees in the morning, and another 45 attendees during the evening program.  Lunch was at the original McGrath's in downtown Salem and was with a number of quilt guild members.  Two of those attendees were Gwen and JoAnn, who I have known and worked with for many, many years at Hewlett-Packard.  It was just great catching up with them.

After lunch, my hostess, Leola Flocker and I walked to Greenbaum's Quilted Forest - a great quilt shop I've wanted to visit for years.  The shop features a full line of batiks, lots of novelty prints, patterns, thread - just a lot of inspiration everywhere you look!  We then walked to Whitman's, a sewing machine and vacuum cleaner store.  Because of the sewing machines, they have a very good selection of threads available - always great to see!

In the evening, I drove to Dave and Leola's beautiful home.  They live on acreage in the rolling, wooded hills outside of Salem. Leola has the entire home decorated with quilts, and it was such a pleasure to sleep under a couple of beautiful quilts - what a gift!

On Thursday the 29th, I taught a Thread Painting class to a large group of guild attendees and Leola was my classroom helper - thanks SO MUCH for your help, Leola!

July 5, 2012
P.S.:  I've just received the following pictures from Dianne Nordyke.....congrats, Dianne, your heron is just terrific!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!