Friday, December 30, 2011

Olivia's Baby Quilt

Olivia is my second grandchild and first granddaughter.  She joined Max, her two-year-old brother, on December 18, 2010.  Because it has been a year since she was born, I thought it was high time I got busy and made her a quilt!

The very first quilting class I ever taught was a six-week beginning quilting class that featured two pieced blocks and one appliqued block.  The appliqued block was a dragonfly that I demonstrated in each class that I taught.  When I was looking around in my studio closet for ideas for Olivia's quilt, I found eleven of these blocks and decided a dragonfly quilt would be perfect for Olly!

I made one more block, chose some fun clear, bright fabrics to border each block, and chose a white and black print for the outside borders.  The result is a very colorful quilt that I hope Olivia likes and will drag around with her for many years!

The dragonfly side of the quilt........

and the moon side of the quilt!

A picture of Olivia dressed as a ladybug for Halloween.  She's the cutest bug this grandma has ever seen!

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