Friday, December 30, 2011

River Quilts in Camas, Washington

December 10, 2011

This Saturday finds me teaching a Thread Painting class at River Quilts, a quilt shop located in downtown Camas, Washington.  Nancy Sullivan opened this areas' newest quilt shop this past spring and a welcome addition to this area it is!  If you haven't been to downtown Camas lately, now is a great time to visit.  In addition to great restaurants and cafe's, there are some antique shops, women's clothing stores, a yoga studio, cool bead shop, wine shop, the historic Liberty Theatre, the beautiful Camas Library, and of course, River Quilts. 

This past August, Nancy organized the very first Outdoor Quilt Show in downtown Camas.  The show was very well attended with over 125 quilts on exhibit, so she is already planning for an even bigger show next year.   If you live in the Southwest Washington area, I hope to see one of your quilts hanging in the 2012 show. 

It was during the Outdoor Quilt Show that I first met Nancy and we scheduled the class that brings me back today.  Nancy rearranged the store so 18 of us could take over the back half of the store.  Most students worked on Great Blue Herons, but there was a purple heron that also appeared in class!  All the students were very enthusiastic and it was a pleasure meeting all of them. 

I'm scheduled to teach a beginning Art of Machine Quilting class at River Quilts on March 10, 2012.  So, if you're interested in taking an introductory machine quilting workshop at a classy quilt shop, here's your chance!

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